I have been using Amway products since 1964, and know how wonderful they are.  Recently, I bought more Trizyme, an enzyme pre-soak and detergent booster.  Having been without this product for awhile, I was greatly pleased to see how beautifully this product works.  Amway has reworked Trizyme again, as they do.  They are constantly experimenting and looking for ways to save us money, cause less stress to our clothes and washer, and save the planet.  I love this product!

By the way:  Amway has a 180 day money back guarantee on their products.

You can find it at Amway.com/PatsyLascala


Mountain Climbing Advancement

Things seem to be a little more clear regarding this program, although I’m finding it difficult to get all the assignment time arranged.  One would think that at my age I would have more time to do this.  Having two businesses to run doesn’t help, but having had eight children within 13 years has taught me to develop a schedule and stick to it, so I should be able to get this under control.

I’m glad I signed up for MKMMA, though.  I am learning a great deal.  My original goal of learning how to remove old programming in the subconscious is looking like a possibility now.  For this I am grateful.

Climbing the mountain

It seems to me that I have begun this before, but I got lost in the maze.  Now I begin again.  I wonder how high I will climb this time?

I’m finding a resentment to spending so much time trying to find my way around.  Right now I want to get up and do something different.  It must be time to go outside?  Be still, my mind, and concentrate.

Got to read now.

See you next time.